Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Giant Superman Album # 3

Like most of the 20-odd issues following Giant Superman Album #1, Giant Superman Album #3 is a facsimile of a US Superman Annual/80 Page Giant. Of course, many of the issues differed slightly from their US counterparts, typically adding a feature to accommodate the difference in page counts and lack of advertisements in the Australian editions, but in this instance, the contents are based wholly on Superman Annual #4.

I’ve listed the contents below, but rather than duplicate the information from the GCD for Superman Annual #4 I’ve just noted the previous or subsequent Australian reprints of each feature. I doubt it’s complete, it simply reflects the data I have to date. Also note some of the dates for the pamphlet issues may be a few months out either way as they are based on data for the UK editions.

Giant Superman Album #3, 1963

Superman: A Doghouse for Superman!
Australian reprint: Superman #85, January 1955

Legion of Super-Heroes: Key to the Legion of Super-Heroes
(0.5 page text filler, refers to The Origin and Powers of the Legion of Super-Heroes! below)

Superman: Superboy Meets Superman

Superman: The Alien Who Conquered Superman!
(Originally titled The Man Who Conquered Superman)

Superman: The Bride of Futureman
Australian reprint: Superman #133, August 1958; World's Finest Comic Monthly #7, November 1965; Colossal Comic 53, May 1970

Superman: The Outlaws of Krypton!

Jimmy Olsen: The Boy Who Killed Superman
Australian reprint: Giant Jimmy Olsen Album #7, c. September 1972

Legion of Super-Heroes: The Origin and Powers of the Legion of Super-Heroes!

Superman: Rip Van Superman
Australian reprint: Superman #113, October 1956; Superman Supacomic 113, January 1969

Superman: The Menace of Planet Z!

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