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Five-Score Comic Monthly # 2

Five-Score Comic Monthly #2, July 1958
Cover artists: Curt Swan/Stan Kaye

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen: The Birdboy of Metropolis
Otto Binder/Curt Swan/Ray Burnley
(Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #26, February 1958)

I Was A Human Guinea Pig
Bernard Baily
(House of Mystery #62, May 1957)

Mystery of the Unknown Invention!
Otto Binder/Sid Greene/Joe Giella
(Strange Adventures #89, February 1958)

Who Am I?
Bernard Baily
(Tales of the Unexpected 11, March 1957)

Amazing Gift From Space!
Otto Binder/Carmine Infantino/Bernard Sachs
(Strange Adventures 90, March 1958)

Mr. District Attorney: The Vanishing Thief
Sheldon Moldoff/Ray Burnley
(Mr. District Attorney #62, March-April 1958)

The Phantom of the Flames!
Joe Maneely/Joe Sinnott
(House of Mystery #71, February 1958)

21st Century Hercules!
Otto Binder/Sid Greene/Joe Giella
(Mystery In Space #37, April-May 1957)

The Menace of the Mole Men!
Jim McArdle
(House of Mystery #71, February 1958)

The Town That Went Underwater!
Ramona Fradon
(Adventure Comics #246, March 1958)

Mystery of Meteor Crater
Otto Binder/Sid Greene/Joe Giella
(Strange Adventures #90, March 1958)

The Witches Candles!
John Prentice
(House of Secrets #2, January-February 1957)

The 100,000 Year-Old Weapon!
Gardner Fox/Sid Greene/John Giunta
(Strange Adventures #90, March 1958)

Puppets of Doom!
Howard Purcell
(House of Mystery #69, December 1957)

Big Town: Secret Beyond the Footlights!
John Broome/Manny Stallman/John Giunta
(Big Town #50, March-April 1958)

Plus a couple of 1-page fillers: Private Pete and Jerry the Jitterbug

I began writing a short spiel about this issue but got side-tracked double-checking some of the details, and then I accidently deleted what I had written, so I began again and got sidetracked again, and couldn't get back into the zone, and then I just short-circuited and conceded the jinx was on, and I should just let it be for moment.

Maybe it’s because whenever I see this issue I think about how I came to own it, which is a great little story that I won't share here because it involves some deliciously deadly sins (no, nothing as banal as theft...) which, rather than leading to confession, in my case tends to lead to hubris. Which, as I understand it, does not officially lead to eternal hell and damnation, but does evidently lead to all sorts of little jinxes. Even a stray pox or two.

So. No spiel for now. But I will come back to this issue later when I review more issues of Five-Score. The exorcised ones.

Oh, and if you really must know what I'm referring too, I've been known to give in to the promise of a beer...

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