Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My Greatest Adventure # 33

My Greatest Adventure #33, December 1957
Cover artist: Mort Meskin

The Girl in the Iron Mask
Mort Meskin/George Roussos
(House of Mystery #66, May-June 1964)

I Had the Midas Touch of Gold
Leonard Starr
(My Greatest Adventure #14, March-April 1957)

The Legend of the Golden Lion
George Roussos
(House of Mystery #67, October 1957)

The junkyard’s still under general quarantine until this cold/flu thing passes, so access is limited to the slush pile. Hence this ditty in lieu of The Continuing Adventures of the K.G. Murray Batman Epics (sic).

Note that the three features in this issue are reprinted in Colossal Comic #35, and that it contains a full-page advertisement for Mammoth Annual NN/#1.

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