Friday, May 25, 2007

Crypt of Creatures # 5

Crypt of Creatures #5

A Skeleton in the Closet
Strange Fantasy #7, August 1953, Ajax Farrell
Terror Tales Vol. 3 #2, March 1971

The Corpse (previously titled The Corpse That Wouldn’t Hide - TBC)
Web of Evil #5, 1953, Quality
Weird Vampire Tales Vol. 4 #3, 1980

The Empty Coffin

Druid's Castle
Fantastic Fears #3, September 1953
Tales of Voodoo Vol. 1 #11, 1968

Forever Dead
Horror Tales Vol. 3 #1, January 1971,

Hands of Terror
Haunted Thrills #5, 1953, Ajax
Weird Vol. 2 #6, 1967

Weird Safari
Horror Tales Vol. 6 #5, October 1974

The Mummies
Weird Vol. 5 #4, August 1971

It’s quite a challenge identifying the contents of these Gredown horror comics. I'm building up a few more references, and I’ve managed to identify a couple above via the web. And note there’s a large TBC next to The Corpse – if it’s not in fact retitled, then the original source quoted is incorrect too.

I also note that similarly to other Gredowns (such as Monsters from Hell #1) it appears almost all the contents are sourced from various Eerie Publications issues.

So, it's still baby steps, but it no longer feels like crawling.

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