Sunday, May 13, 2007

Century Comic # 8

Century The 100 Page Comic Monthly #8, February 1957
Cover artist: Hart Amos

The Green Arrow: The Three Impossible Targets!
George Papp
(Adventure Comics #212, May 1955)

Impossible - But True; Roy Raymond: The Human Super Weapon!
Dan Barry
(Detective Comics #161, July 1950)

Detective Chimp: The Case of the Runaway Ostrich!
John Broome/Carmine Infantino/Sy Barry
(The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #13, January-February 1954)

Buzzy: (untitled) - (begins "Hi, Binks! Why, Man! You look low!")
(Original unidentified, 6 pages)

Superman: Captain Kent the Terrible!
Wayne Boring/Stan Kaye
(Superman #89, May 1954)

The Man Who Laughed at Locks
Ruben Moreira
(Tales of the Unexpected #5, September 1956)

Congo Bill: The Man Who Wanted to Die a Hero!
Ed Smalle
(Action Comics #190, March 1954)

Peter Porkchops: Defective Detective!
(Original unidentified, 6 pages)

Hopalong Cassidy: The Amazing Safe-Cracker of Twin Rivers!
France Herron/Gene Colan/Ray Burnley
(Action Comics #105 February 1947)

Rex The Wonder Dog: Rex - - Airline Detective!
John Broome/Gil Kane/Bernard Sachs
(The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #28, July-August 1956)

Superboy The Adventures of Superman When He Was a Boy: Clark Kent's Coach
Otto Binder/John Sikela
(Superboy #43, September 1955)

Manhunters Around The World: Under Cover Police!
John Prentice
(World's Finest Comics #60, September-October 1952)

Johnny Quick: Johnny Quick's New Assistant!
Jack Miller/Ralph Mayo
(Adventure Comics #169, October 1951)

Plus the following fillers: Little Pete, Peg, Skooter, Giants of the Animal Kingdom!, Satellite Statistics!, Shorty and Professor Eureka

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