Monday, May 21, 2007

Super-Villains Album: A Batman Album by any other name...

The conjurors (ahem – editors!) at K.G. Murray had their thinking caps on for this one.

The cover image is sourced from the rear cover of Detective Comics #484, June-July 1979, and voila! A new one-shot Batman title is born!

This is from the period of related one-shots and short runs rather than long-established titles, so putting together issues based on a theme involved some finessing of available material, hence the stories from the DC team-up titles along with a Detective Comics cameo.

It’s safe to say this would have been a (Giant) Batman Album had that title not expired a few years earlier. Or maybe even a Bumper Batcomic.

Super-Villains Album, 1984
Cover artist: Jim Aparo

Batman and Ras Al Ghul: The Crystal Armageddon!
Denny O'Neil/Jim Aparo
(The Brave and the Bold #159, February 1980)
Note: The cover of Brave and the Bold #159 is used to begin the story, adding a page in the process.

Superman and Batman: Showdown At Gotham City!
Denny O'Neil/Rich Buckler/Dick Giordano
(World's Finest Comics #261, February-March 1980)

Batman: The 6 Days of the Scarecrow
Gerry Conway/Don Newton/Dan Adkins
(Detective Comics #503, June 1981)

Batman and The Riddler: The Death of Batman
Don Krarr/Carmine Infantino/Mike De Carlo
(The Brave and the Bold #183, February 1982)

Batman and The Joker: Only Angels Have Wings
Dan Mishkin/Gary Cohn/Jim Aparo
(The Brave and the Bold #191, October 1982)

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