Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mighty Comic # 59

Mighty Comic #59, June 1967
Cover artists: Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson

Justice League: Threat of the True-or-False Sorcerer!
Gardner Fox/Mike Sekowsky/Sid Greene
(Justice League of America #49, November 1966)

Lois Lane: The Mystery of Skull Island!
Kurt Schaffenberger
(Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #16, April 1960)

The Ghost Rider: The Green Men from Horro!
Dick Ayers
(Tim Holt #31, August-September 1952)

Secret of the Three Earth Dooms
Lee Elias
(Strange Adventures #195, December 1966)

Wonder Woman: Strange Power of the Magic Lasso!
Robert Kanigher/Ross Andru/Mike Esposito
(Wonder Woman #167, January 1967)

Elevator to Nowhere!
Howard Purcell
(Tales of the Unexpected #98, December-January 1967)

Superboy: Clark Kent - - Orphan!
John Sikela
(Adventure Comics #147, December 1949)

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