Thursday, May 24, 2007

Weird Mystery Tales # 37

Weird Mystery Tales #37, c.1978
Cover artist: Luis Dominguez

Experiment in Fear
Jack Oleck/E.R. Cruz
(House of Mystery #230, April 1975)

The Eavesdropper
Gil Kane/Ralph Reese
(Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion #13, October-November 1973)

Swamp Thing
Len Wein/Bernie Wrightson
(House of Secrets #92, June-July 1971)

The Wondrous Witch's Cauldron
Lee Elias
(House of Secrets #58, January-February 1963)

Double Edge
Steve Skeates/Alex Toth
(The Witching Hour #12, December 1970-January 1971)

The Avenging Grave
Robert Kanigher/Tony deZuniga
(Weird War Tales #8, November 1972)

The Secret of the Fossil Egg
Mort Meskin
(House of Secrets #27, December 1959)

Drive-In Death
Paul Levitz/Quico Redondo
(Weird Mystery Tales #15, December 1974-January 1975)

Come Share My Coffin
Jack Oleck/Jess M. Jodloman
(Weird Mystery Tales #13, August-September 1974)

From the cover this appears to be an average DC-centric mystery issue from towards the end of the run, but it does have some unexpected contents, such as the Swamp Thing reprint and the Toth cameo. Top it off with a bit of Meskin, and a couple of instalments from Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion and Weird War Tales, and suddenly it’s not all that shabby a comic.

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