Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Mighty Thor: The complete Federal Comics cover gallery

Here's a cover gallery of my complete run of Federal Comics' The Mighty Thor series, with notes following:

 #1, May 1984

 #2, August 1984

 #3, October 1984

 #4, December 1984

 #5, February 1985

 #6, April 1985

 #7, June 1985

 #8, August 1985

 #9, October 1985

 #10, January 1986

#11, March 1986

All issues are 64 pages (not including covers), except for #9 which is a full colour 32 page issue.

All indications are that these issues were published on a regular bi-monthly schedule. Six of my copies have newsagents' dates marked in pen or pencil, and the dates are corroborated on three of the issues by dates related to competitions on the rear covers. The exception is the one month delay after #9, which is the sole all-colour issue. Considering that The Amazing Spider-Man had seven colour issues in the 1985-1986 period, and that Federal's tenure ended early 1986, it would appear both the switch in format and the looming end of licence were factors in the delay.

The black and white editions carried three stories each, often modified eg. dropping the splash page, or reducing two pages to fit onto one.

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