Monday, January 13, 2020

Ghost Rider: The complete Yaffa cover gallery

Here's a cover gallery of my complete run of Page Publications' Ghost Rider:

 Ghost Rider #1, c.November 1977

 Ghost Rider #2, c.March 1978

 Ghost Rider #3, c.mid-1978

 Ghost Rider #4, c.December 1979

 Ghost Rider #5, c.July 1980

 Ghost Rider #6, c.September 1980

 Ghost Rider #7, c.February 1981

 Ghost Rider #8, c.May 1981

 Ghost Rider #9, c.October 1981

Ghost Rider #10, c.February 1982

The first 5 issues are regular/magazine-sized issues. The rest are digest--sized, #'s 9 and 10 being the 'tall' digest issues.

I believe the dates ascribed above to be accurate within a month or so. I'll revise as more data comes to hand.

#6 is a reprint of #1. I haven't seen another recycled and/or retitled Ghost Rider issue, but they may exist.

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