Monday, January 6, 2020

Satana: The Yaffa edition

Page Publications' Satana one-shot was published c.January 1982:

The cover and most of the contents were originally published in Marvel Preview #7, Summer 1976:

This issue reprints the three main comics features of this issue: The Damnation Waltz; Part II La Simphonie Diable "The Devil's Symphony"; and The Sword in the Star! Stave 2: Witchworld!. It also includes a Black Knight reprint, Men of the Shadows!, originally published in Black Knight #5

There is an introductory contents page:

This page is a simplified variation of the contents page in Marvel Preview #7:

This is the last page of the Yaffa issue:

This page concludes The Devil's Symphony in Marvel Previews #7, but in this edition it is appended to the end of Witchworld! The reading experience was probably compromised in order to maintain the integrity of the double-page spread introducing Witchworld!

This striking frontispiece by Vicente Alcazar precedes the  Table of Contents in Marvel Preview #7:

It's a shame this is not included in the Yaffa edition, especially given the rear, inner rear and inner front covers are blank.

There is a handwritten date 4/1/82 on the rear cover of my copy, which may be written by a newsagency or a previous owner. I have spotted a copy with 3 written on the front cover. 

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