Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Dead Mens' Tales, Ghostly Villains and Fate of Death: Gredown's recycling trifecta

This is the cover to Escorpion #31:

If you are a reader or collector of Gredown comics you may be experiencing deja vu. And justifiably so, for this cover appeared on no less than three Gredown comics:

 Dead Mens' Tales

 Ghostly Villains

Fate of Death

There are plenty of examples of Gredown recycling covers but I don't recall one being recycled this often - quite remarkable.

Dead Mens' Tales is 100 pages and appears to have been published c.March 1982. My copy has June written in pen on the front cover, and the copy on AusReprints is stamped either Mar or May 1982. Ghostly Villains is 84 pages and Fate of Death is 68 pages, so given the decreasing page count and the fixed cover price, it's safe to assume this is the order in which they were published.

Kudos to James for initially identifying the Spanish cover source and the Gredown covers.

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