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Gredown's Fear Zone

The cover to Gredown's Fear Zone was painted by Manuel Brea Rodriguez:

It previously appeared on the cover of Vilmar's Panico #10, 1972 series:

It also appeared on the cover of Panico #16, 1978 series:

The contents are as follows:

Legacy of Terror
The House and its Ghosts
Secret Coffin, originally published in Weird #v3 [2]#1 [5], January 1968 
The Haunted Cane!, originally published in Adventures into the Unknown #168, October-November 1966
The Medallion, originally published in Midnight Tales #12, April 1975
The Red Army, originally published in Midnight Tales #12, April 1975
The Midnight Philosopher cont., originally published in Midnight Tales #12, April 1975
The Green Man, originally published in Midnight Tales #12, April 1975
The Dagger 
The Professor and the Pixie!, originally published in Out of the Night #17, October-November 1954
The Well, originally published in Creepy Things #1,July 1975
Don't Play With Lions
A Tomb of Ice, originally published in Tales from the Tomb #v6#3, May 1974
Don't Let The Ghost Take Shape!,originally published in Forbidden Worlds #140, November-December 1966
The Thing, originally published in Horror Tales #v2#5, September 1970 

There are four unidentified stories:

Three of these carry the Editorial Vilmar-Barcelona-The Illustrated copyright attribution. 

Many of the stories in this issue also appeared in other Australian titles published by Gredown and K.G. Murray. Indeed a couple of the pages of A Tomb of Ice include revealing notation traces of the previous printing:

The writing has been crossed out but you can still make out the title partial title Strange, and Page 17 before the Fear Zone note. This page was previously published in Strange Experience #10 page 17:

The Thing is also printed in Strange Encounters #10.

The primary one-stop source of The Midnight Philosopher reprints in Australia is K.G. Murray's Midnight Tales series. The Midnight Tales sequences in this issue do not appear in the Planet Comics series. The Midnight Philosopher cont. sequence in this issue is presented as a two-page sequence between The Red Army and The Green Man. In Midnight Tales #12, the story The Snow Men! appears between these two pages but it is not included in this issue. It appears in its proper context, along with The Red Army and The Green Man, in Gredown's Crypt of Creatures #1 and Murray Publishers' Ghostly Tales Album #12

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