Friday, December 6, 2019

Worlds of Fear #8: Fawcett in Murray Comics

Worlds of Fear #8 is a classic pre-Code Fawcett horror comic from 1953. 

The three stories in this issue were published in disparate issues by K.G. Murray in the 1970's, often more than once.

----? can be found in Doomsday Annual #2:

The series title, credits and indicia are missing from the original printing:

The Phantom Gloves was reprinted three times by Murray - in Planet Series 2 No.4 Unusual Tales, Super Giant #16 and Planet Series 3 No. 3 Weirdworld::

This has been reprinted intact each time, allowing for discreet pagination. Here's a scan of the original splash page:

The Curse of Manu was reprinted twice - in Doomsday #13 and Planet Series 3 No. 7 Monster Hunters:

This is also reprinted intact:

At least this time the ghostly figures are manifest, unlike Pillar of Stone.

Considering the number of times The Phantom Gloves was reprinted it's a shame Murray never managed to reprint the front cover.

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