Saturday, December 14, 2019

All Star Adventure Comic #32

K.G. Murray's All Star Adventure Comic #32 was published c.April 1965:

The cover is from DC's Tales of the Unexpected #87:

The contents are as follows:

The Truth Binoculars!, originally published in Tales of the Unexpected #87, February-March 1965
The 12 Faces of Crime!, originally published in Gang Busters #39, April-May 1954
The Man Who Saw The Future!, originally published in Strange Adventures #37, October 1953
Devil Bird!,originally published in House of Mystery #18, September 1953 
Canyon of Whirling Death!, originally published in World's Finest Comics #56, January-February 1952
The Secret of the Fantasy Films, originally published in Strange Adventures #173, February 1965
The Whirlpool of Doom!, originally published in House of Mystery #25, April 1954
Cut-Rate Crimes!, originally published in Gang Busters #37, December 1953-January 1954
Earth's Double Invasion!, originally published in Mystery In Space #14, June-July 1953
The Phantom's Return!,originally published in House of Mystery #22, January 1954 
The Strange Case of the Disappearing Earthmen!,originally published in Mystery in Space #15, August-September 1953  
The Winter War!, originally published in Tim Holt #5, March-April 1949
The Doom from Station X!,originally published in Mystery in Space #15, August-September 1953 

This material is mostly from 1950's DC comics. The Tim Holt story is from Magazine Enterprises.

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