Sunday, December 1, 2019

Vault of Demons #1

Gredown's Vault of Demons #1 was published 1976:

The cover, possibly by Phil Belbin, is based on the final panel in the story The Quiet Pool, originally published in Charlton's Ghost Manor #27:

The bottom right hand portion of the cover was recycled by Gredown a few years later for cover duty on Terror Under The Sea:

This story was recycled by Charlton a few years later and used the panel image on the cover of Ghost Manor #58:

The contents are as follows:

The Quiet Pool, originally published in Ghost Manor #27, January 1976
The Malidiction, originally published in Ghostly Tales #114, April 1975
A Solemn Oath!, originally published in Ghostly Tales #118, November 1975
The Greatest Treasure, originally published in Creepy Things #2, October 1975
Fish Fry, originally published in Monster Hunters #2, October 1975
9th Life, originally published in Creepy Things #5, April 1976
Potion of Youth, originally published in Beyond the Grave #4, February 1976
Hidden Paradise, originally published in Monster Hunters #4, February 1976
Bed Time Story!, originally published in The Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves #49, January 1975
The Phantom of the Moors, originally published in Monster Hunters #2, October 1975

Note that most of the original printings of these stories are cover-dated late-1975 and early-1976, which suggests Vault of Demons #1 was published late 1976. 

Some of these stories were recycled by Gredown in their $1.00 cover price issues.

You can find scans of most of the splash pages on AusReprints.

Kudos to Marcus Brazil for spotting the connection to Ghost Manor #58, and thanks to Mark Cannon for providing scans of some Charlton Comics.

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