Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Weird Legend of Ghost Hounds of Trelawney in K.G. Murray comics

Beware! Terror Tales #1 is a classic pre-Code horror comic by Fawcett which includes the Bob Powell story Ghost Hounds of Trelawney:

Just as Charlton retitled Custodian of the Dead! to Caretaker of the Dead! when they took over Fawcett's inventory, they retitled Ghost Hounds of Trelawney, which became Weird Legends of Trelawney in The Thing! #17:

This story has been reprinted at least three times by K. G. Murray. It is reprinted as Weird Legend of Trelawney in Doomsday Annual #2:

As Ghost Hounds of Trelawney in Super Giant #13:

And as Weird Legend Ghost Hounds of Trelawney in Monster Hunters Planet Series 3 No. 7:

This amalgam of both titles was published before the other two. And it is this version which has an altered final panel:

This version omits the witch host:

I'm curious whether the Monster Hunters version was published elsewhere.

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