Wednesday, December 18, 2019

All Star Adventure Comic #35

K.G. Murray's All Star Adventure Comic #35 was published c.October 1965:

The cover is from DC's Mystery in Space #100:

The story contents are as follows:

The Secret of the Double Agent, originally published in Mystery In Space #100, June 1965
The Death of Mark Merlin, originally published in House of Secrets #73, July-August 1965
Killed By His Friend!, originally published in Charles Starret as The Durango Kid #32, October 1954
[Untitled] Begins "Look what I found in this cave...", originally published in Mystery In Space #100, June 1965
Sorry, Wrong Dimension, originally published in Strange Adventures #178, July 1965
The Man Who Robbed A Thousand Minds, originally published in Gang Busters #57, Apr- May 1957
The Men Who Bombed The Sun!, originally published in Mystery in Space #22, October-November 1954
The Golden Palomino, originally published in Bobby Benson's B-Bar-B Riders #3, September-October 1950
The Planet Collectors, originally published in Mystery In Space #100, June 1965
Secrets of the Test Squad, originally published in Gang Busters #57, April-May 1957
The Renegade Robots, originally published in Tales of the Unexpected #89, June-July 1965
The Man in the Martian Mask!, originally published in Mystery in Space #20, June-July 1954

These are all DC stories apart from Killed by His Friend! and The Golden Palomino which are Magazine Enterprises features.

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