Monday, December 9, 2019

This Magazine Is Haunted #18 in Gredown's This Comic Is Haunted #4:

Many years ago I indexed Gredown's This Comic Is Haunted #4 but was not able to identify all of the source material in that issue. I can now confirm this issue does indeed contain the four comics stories from Charlton's This Magazine Is Haunted #18.

The first story in This Magazine Is Haunted #18 is The Last Earl!:

This story is reprinted complete and intact, apart from the omission of the Charlton indicia at the top of the title page:

This is the likely source of the reprint in Dillon Naylor's Choke! #1 which also crops the series masthead:

This story is credited to Shuster and Belfi but it appears Molno was Shuster's ghost in this and other instances.

The second story is Bridegroom, Come Back!:

This is reprinted by Gredown complete and intact:

Caretaker of the Dead! is the third comics story in this issue:

This is reprinted on the inner front cover of This Comic Is Haunted #4, hence the gloss white finish and the intrusion of the  Gredown indicia:

This story was originally titled Custodian of the Dead! and the Australian reprints are covered in detail in a recent dedicated post.

The fourth story is Valley of Shadow!:

This is reprinted complete and intact in the Gredown edition:

This story ends on the back cover.

The issue title is not recorded in the indicia, but each interior page retains the title across the top of the pages as per the original issue. The original pagination per story of the Charlton issue is also maintained.

I like to think the cover was selected in reference to Bridegroom, Come Back!:

AusReprints notes a number of instances in which the cover image was used on international comics and pulps over a number of years. This is the earliest recorded:

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