Friday, December 20, 2019

Midnight Tales: The complete Murray Publishers cover gallery

As Wikipedia advises, "Midnight Tales was an American horror-suspense anthology comic book series created by Wayne Howard and published by Charlton Comics from 1972 to 1976. The book was "hosted" by Professor Coffin (a.k.a. the Midnight Philosopher) and his niece Arachne (the book followed a standard formula where each issue's first story was a framing sequence divided up among the other stories)."

After the Charlton series expired Murray Publishers put out their own Midnight Tales series. Here's a cover gallery of their six issue run:

 Midnight Tales #1, c.November 1977

 Midnight Tales #2, c.March 1978

 Midnight Tales #3, c.June 1978

 Midnight Tales #4, c.mid/late 1978

 Midnight Tales Album #5, c.January 1979

Midnight Tales Album #6, c.March 1979

The dates are my guesstimates based on available information including data available on AusReprints.

The first four issues are 48 pages (52 including covers) with a $0.40 cover price, and transitions to Album-sized 80 pages (84 including covers) with a $0.60 cover price. The transition coincides with a change of printer from Kenmure Press to Comprint.

These issues follow the format of the Charlton series in which framing sequences introduce the short 6-page stories. The issues contain complete Charlton issues, supplemented by material related to other Charlton series such as Unusual Tales or Creepy Things interspersed amongst the Midnight Tales stories.

Midnight Tales features including The Midnight Philosopher were published in other Murray comics such as Doomsday and Ghostly Tales Album. Instalments were also published by Gredown in titles such as Crypt of Creatures and Fear Zone.

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