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The Incredible Hulk #15: The Newton edition

Newton Comics' The Incredible Hulk #15 is cover-dated March 1976:

The cover originally appeared on Marvel Comics' The Incredible Hulk #112:

The story contents are as follows:

The Brute Battles On!, originally published in The Incredible Hulk #112, February 1969
Nowhere To Go But Down!, originally published in Man-Thing #2, February 1974

The reprinting of The Brute Battles On! has been compromised, to say the least. See the two pages below:

These are pages 7 and 26 respectively of this issue. However, they are not native to this story. They belong to the story Where Fall The Shifting Sands?, which originally appeared in The Incredible Hulk #113, and was published by Newton Comics in Newton Four-In-One #1

The missing pages are scanned below, as they appear in Page Publications' The Incredible Hulk #6:

Note the Yaffa printings also appear to be subject to some degree of editorial modification.

Nowhere To Go But Down! is a 19-page story. The first seven pages are reprinted in this edition, with a To Be Continued advisory appended at the bottom of the last page. It appears to be otherwise intact.

This issue contains a poster of The Avengers and Spider-Man:

This is modified from the image on the cover of Newton Comics' The Avengers #10.

This issue includes an in-house ad for The Mighty Thor #2:

This issue includes two letters pages, a Captain America transfer and a contest with the expiry date 31 January 1976 - earlier than the expiry date for the contest in the previous issue, and the same date as the contest in The Incredible Hulk #13.

The Incredible Hulk #15 was advertised in-house:

This ad is scanned from The Invincible Iron Man #2.

This is the final issue in the series. The next issue made it at least as far as the cover mock-up stage and was advertised in this period:

As discussed above, the proxy for this issue is Newton Four-In-One #1.

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