Friday, September 20, 2019

The Incredible Hulk #9: The Newton edition

Newton Comics' The Incredible Hulk #9 is cover-dated October 1975:

It is modified version of the cover originally published on Marvel Comics' The Incredible Hulk #106:

The story contents in this issue are as follows:

Above the Earth--A Titan Rages!, originally published in The Incredible Hulk #106, August 1968
When Wakes The Sleeper! [Part 1], originally published in Captain America #101, May 1968

Above the Earth--A Titan Rages! appears to be reprinted in full without any undue editorial interference, apart from an insignificant degree of cropping at the bottom of the splash page above the indicia.

When Wakes The Sleeper! is a 20-page story, the first six of which are reprinted in this issue. This portion is reprinted complete and intact, with a To Be Continued advisory added beneath the last panel.

This issue marks the return of the Captain America backup series to this title, so discreetly you wouldn't know it by looking at the cover.

This is a photo of the poster and swap card in my copy:

The image on the poster was previously on the cover of Newton Comics' The Amazing Spider-Man #8. The card presents  the cover of Newton Comics' The Amazing Spider-Man #10.

This issue contains the following in-house advertisements:

Newton Team-Up #1[A] 

The Fantastic Four #8 

As per the previous issue this issue also contains the ad for Origins of Marvel Comics and a t-shirt offer on the rear cover.

The contest expires 8 December 1975, two weeks after the expiry date of the contest in The Incredible Hulk #8. This suggests a publication date of 25 October 1975. 

This issue was advertised in-house:

This ad is scanned from Conan the Barbarian #6.

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